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Mascara can lengthen and bolden eyelash extensions nevertheless using it on eyelash extensions is not necessary. If you wish to apply Mascara with eyelash extensions, you must make sure that you have not been wearing volume lashes but classic ones. On volume lashes, it will add excessive weight. Besides, certain mascaras could deteriorate bonds established by the eyelash adhesive that keeps the extensions attached to the natural lashes.



Never even think of applying waterproof mascara with eyelash extensions on. It’s kryptonite, the components in water-resistant mascara are formulated for superior staying power, this can be incredible for your natural lashes, however, it tends to make the extensions brittle. Removal of water-resistant mascara needs some coercion, oil-based makeup removers, and waterproof mascara, there can’t be anything that could be the worse for the extensions. Rubbing your eyes could potentially pull off your lashes. What’s more, it can also disintegrate the adhesive holding the lash extensions. Bye-bye, glamorous investment!

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Another big no-no tends to be the tube mascara. Naturally, it needs only water for removal, with your lashes it could be scraped straight off. On the expensive lash extensions, nonetheless, it clasps like cement. 


These aren’t good for the lash extensions either. Like tube mascaras and waterproof ones, it is arduous to peel, which is not favorable for eyelash extensions. The goal of fiber mascaras is to establish an illusion of having extensions. It adds tiny fibers to drastically lengthen natural lashes. You don’t need it if you have extensions already!

You must also forgo mascara with carbonate and glycol. These components create havoc with the adhesive on the extensions. Preserving the gluey bond between the lash line and the extensions is a crucial key to prolonging their life. Water-based mascara tends to be the most generous product when it comes to your delicate eyelash extensions.

Besides, you want to look for a formulation that is neither dry nor too thick. Mascaras that are too thick create friction on the eyelashes when you run a brush through. You don’t need anything tugging and pulling your lash extensions. Thick mascara also causes clumping and tangling. Clumpy eyelashes are not a pleasant sight to look at.

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Another critical thing is avoiding mascaras that contain artificial wax and oils. They can impair the retention of eyelash extensions too. Never use water-resistant mascara as it consists of toxic substances and silicones that can flaw the extensions rapidly. 

Always use water-based mascara while applying mascara on the eyelash extensions. These can be effortlessly removed and they are less drying in comparison to waterproof mascaras. When using mascara on lash extensions, resist touching the base and try to maneuver the middle up to the tips.


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