Women love carrying makeup that lasts long and enhances their beauty, but it takes little time to get the perfect look that they desire for the occasion. It’s a necessity at times to be quick, for which the makeup routine needs to be simplified.

Here I share the easiest way to simplify your makeup routine:

At first, I want to share few tips to add to your daily routine that helps to simplify your makeup routine. Proper intake of fruits and vegetables is an essential point in improving eating habits. Adequate sleep keeps your skin healthy alongside morning yoga.

Drinking a liter of water in a day is the key to healthy glowing skin. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing on a weekly routine helps your skin be balanced. 

1. Rearrange your vanity box

Customizing your makeup vanity is essential to avoid unnecessary glitches while getting ready for office, gatherings, or parties.

Organizing your desk and pouch according to your needs in a different organizer pouch or vanity is like “A stitch in time saves nine.”

While organizing products, you need to keep a watch on the expiry of the products to make use of a complete collection in time.

2. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the first product used while doing makeup; select it by your skin suitability as it keeps the makeup subtle and fresh for long.

The only product which you can wear at night to nourish your skin. Always prefer high-quality products over the price range to avoid skin allergies.

3. Essential products in makeup vanity pouch

Make-up an essential for women to enhance their looks; we often carry lipstick and compact powder for our daily use in a pouch.

Select products that suit your skin texture and color to avoid unnecessary storage in your purse to avoid delays in selection.

Essential or minimal necessary products generally include foundation, moisturizer, lipstick, eyeshades, mascara, and liner.

4. Lipstick

At times you must have noticed, wearing your favorite color lipstick doesn’t suit you. Because it doesn’t go well with your skin tone, avoid these shades and carry the shades that go well on you to simplify your makeup routine. Carry the dark and light shades of lipstick such as orange, pink, and brown.

5. Kajal/kohl

Kajal is the eye candy among the makeup products as it does the perfect eye drama required to shine out. If you love to simplify your makeup for a simple office look, all you need is a moisturizer, foundation, or a cream additionally, lipstick with Kajal to do the job.

Even seeking to simplify the makeup routine on other occasions, apply Kohl with a different style that suits you.

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