Mature Woman Short Hair
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There are many reasons why short hairstyles are a darling for many women- these haircuts are ridiculously comfortable to wear; they are more relaxed, versatile, and unique. However, if you are for the idea that these haircuts only look great on young women, you are in for a big surprise. The short haircuts for women over 60 that we will give you here will amaze you, and you want to try one regardless of your age.

With short hair, you can opt for a variety of variations of short haircuts and choose the one that best suits your face shape. Here we have compiled the latest and trendiest short haircuts for women over 60. Please take a look and be inspired to try one or two of them.


Well, we will start our list with this one of the fantastic short haircuts for women over 60. If you thought young women only rock this messy short pixie boy, you would be surprised when you see an over 60 rocking it and wish you were wearing it. The haircut is not only incredible but also timeless and trendy

Give it a shot if you are over 50 or 60 and you want to appear much younger than you are. It is effortless to style and super easy to maintain. It is suitable for women with curly and wavy manes and is best rocked for casual outings during the summer.

Mature Woman Messy Cut Hairstyle
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Here comes another fantastic short haircut for women over 60. Though messy, it is an elegant hairstyle when styled on curly hair. Curly hair is in most cases linked to vintage style, and this doesn’t take a back seat either when it comes to women over 60.

According to LoveHairStyles, if you want to stand out from the rest, these are the best short haircuts for women over 60 you should always rock. It is easy to style and maintains, and it appears polished throughout the day. As we have noted, this haircut is great for women with curly hair and with elongated or heart face shape. It is suitable for casual outings in summer.

Mature Woman Framed Face Short Hairstyle
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This is one of the excellent haircuts for women over 60 with round cheeks and faces. Depending on your face, you need to choose an appropriate hairstyle, and this one takes the day when styled well. The vibrant look it brings out is perfect even to make you look younger than you are.

Try this hairstyle if you need a simple yet sassy look throughout the day. It is preferred for women with wavy and silky hair and can be rocked in any season of the year during casual outings.

Mature Woman Elegant Hairstyle
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Do you have a smaller face and thick hair? Then this would be an ideal haircut to rock your looks. It looks great on women with square faces, and it is significantly the best option to go with if you want to bring in the best facial features possible.

Whether it is thick or thin and dense hair, this hairstyle is quite effortless to style and easy to maintain. Just give it regular trims to maintain its shape, and you are good to go for outings with your family—ideal for wearing during monsoons and summers and rocks on women with the oval and long face shapes.

Mature Woman Undercut Hairstyle
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Who said undercuts are a preserve for young women? Well, if that is what you have thought all your life, these short haircuts for women over 60 will astound you. It is ideal for over 60 women with wavy hair. It delivers easily and with minimal effort. This hairstyle tells us one clear thing- a woman should not compromise her beauty and style after reaching a certain age.

While the undercut is already a mainstream hairstyle for ladies of all age groups, it is going crazy now! Give a shot to this fantastic and elegant hairstyle for older women to appear super stylish with minimal effort. It looks great on wavy hair and can be rocked in summers and winters. Rock this look during social gatherings and special occasions to look youthful and stand out from the crowd.


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