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The popularity of online casinos has been growing steadily since the 1990s, when the first online casinos opened their doors. Today, more casino gamers enjoy playing their favorite online casino games online, which led to the brick and mortar casino industry declining when it comes to its popularity across the globe. However, this does not mean that online casinos are better than their land-based counterparts; they are more convenient and easier to access.

Essentially, both land-based and online casinos have their advantages. Even though iGaming venues are becoming more friendly and interactive, gaming at an online casino cannot compare to gaming at real land-based casinos. You get to interact with other people, explore a casino floor looking for an exciting game to place, have a drink or two, and of course, take in that super exciting atmosphere that always comes with gaming in a brick and mortar venue.

In this sense, online casinos cannot compare to land-based casinos. Many gamers prefer playing their favorite casino games in an authentic setting with the natural backing sounds of people cheering and chatting and machines rumbling. 


When you play at an online casino, there is no dress code to follow as nobody can see what you are wearing, so you can stay in your pajamas if you want. However, when going to a land-based casino, there is a particular dress code to follow in most cases, and if you want to know what to wear at a casino, find more info here.

When searching through your closet looking for that perfect outfit for a casino night, look for something you would wear to a nice restaurant or bar. Dress codes vary from one casino to another. It is not the same heading to a first-class, high-end casino and a smaller local establishment, and the dress code cannot be the same.

Casino dress codes at acclaimed, luxurious casinos are specifically designed to give all customers that anticipated high-end, very classy experience. Men have to say yes to nicely-looking suits and tuxedos in these cases, while females have to say yes to evening gowns and lovely cocktail dresses. Wearing top tanks, shorts, or ripped jeans is most certainly not accepted at such gambling establishments. When discussing dress codes at casino venues, they fall into three categories: casual, smart, and exclusive.

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Every casino out there lists its dress code on its official websites, and of course, the dress code differs from one casino to another. The world’s gambling capital is home to various luxurious casino floors, and most casinos in this area do not have any official dress code you are expected to follow. At the same time, customers are expected to show dressed nicely in a visually presentable manner, especially when visiting these casinos at night.

In most Las Vegas casinos, men can wear jeans and shirts, and women can wear casual dresses or nice jeans and blouses. Wearing ripped jeans, flip flops, cropped shirts, and t-shirts is a big no. At the same time, customers who come in the evening are generally encouraged to wear something more formal, especially customers who come to those more upscale gambling establishments on the Las Vegas Strip.

As previously mentioned, most Las Vegas casinos have no formal dress code, but certain clothing items are not permitted, including sandals, sneakers, hats, baggy and ripped clothes, boots, and sportswear. Some casinos require men to wear collared shirts. Then, several Las Vegas casinos have a formal business dress code, so all customers are expected to wear business attire in a presentable manner. Some even expect their male customers to wear coats and blazers depending on the weather conditions.

Outside of Las Vegas, the situation is not very much different. Luxurious, upscale gambling establishments expect their visitors to appear appropriately dressed, which means being dressed to impress. Once again, wearing sneakers, t-shirts, ripped jeans, sandals, flip flops, and baggy clothes are unacceptable. Some expect female customers to wear only evening gowns and cocktail dresses, and this is the most common dress code at upscale gambling establishments in Monaco, Singapore, and Macau.

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Naturally, there are land-based casinos with less formal and more casual dress codes as these usually cater to visitors with smaller budgets. Informal means you can wear almost anything you want, and there are no strict rules on what you are expected to wear. At such gambling establishments, it is acceptable to wear baggy jeans and ditch formal tuxedos and suits. It is also okay not to wear a tie.

Even though you can wear whatever you want at casinos with casual dress codes, some clothing items are inappropriate, such as khakis, ripped jeans, graphic t-shirts, tank tops, and cropped shirts. Chances are nobody will say anything to you, but more appropriate clothing items to wear even when the dress code is casual such as button-down collared shirts and nice jeans for men and blouses and tailored trousers for females.

The bottom line, dress codes between casinos vary and usually depend on the gambling establishments’ reputation and exclusivity. Casinos that cater to customers with bigger budgets typically have business formal dress codes, while the ones catering to customers with moderate budgets usually let you dress casually.  


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